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Terry and Tony DeWeese are identical twins and have spent their entire lives together. Upon graduation, Tony and Terry will be apart for the first time in their lives. Terry will enlist in the US Marine Corps and attend basic training at Camp Pendleton in June, and Tony will attend college in Kansas. Tony has Cerebral Palsy, preventing him from enlisting with his brother. The two are “spending as much time together as possible” until June.

The pair are seniors at Hallsville High School and managed the varsity football team, are on the debate team, acted in the Fall play, are active in their church, and cheer at basketball games, all to be together. They can communicate solely via body language, and share a close brotherly bond since their father passed away from cancer when they were eight years old. Their mother was unable to care for them, and at age 11, Tony and Terry were adopted by their mother’s sister, and began calling their aunt “mom”. It was their relationship as brothers that brought them through challenging times into the young adults they are today.

(c) 2013 Stuart Palley